Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Old Market at twilight ...

There are several areas in Omaha which are incredibly photogenic in the evening, and one of the best is the "Old Market", to the south and east of the central business district.

The Old Market was originally just that, a wholesale produce district, from the late 1800s into the mid 20th century.

It then evolved into an "arts" district, with galleries, boutiques, pubs, and restaurants, most of which are independent and mid to upscale.

There's a wide variety of shops of all types, including ...

... the area's only year-round Christmas shop.

And no, Jan, I didn't forget this one! :)

Bugeaters' Apparel, and ...

(blow on fingernails, wipe on blouse) Nouvele Eve.

Yes, some of the oh-so-familiar ubiquity has crept in, but most restaurants in this area are independent and well-managed.

Food just like Grandma used to make, or, LOL, like other kids' grandmothers used to make! :)

Old Market Spaghetti Works, one of the survivors of the "Spaghetti Factory" genre.

The Thomas Mangelsen "Images Of Nature" flagship Gallery.

Thomas Mangelsen is a local nature photographer of international acclaim. His works have been featured in National Geographic, countless other publications, and numerous exhibits and shows. He now has several galleries and showrooms around the country including La Jolla, Las Vegas, and the Denver International Airport.

Manglesen is said to prefer film cameras and Fuji products. :) (I always knew there was something about him I liked!) :)

Blue Barn Theater is a long-standing contemporary arts theater of international recognition.

Not all theaters make it. The Firehouse Theater, once an anchor of the Old Market, closed in 1989. The building now houses a microbrewery. Yes, it's a restored turn-of-the (20th) century firehouse.