Monday, April 05, 2010

The Great Flood of 2010 ...

(Update: For those who landed here doing a search for the flooding of 2011,HERE is some info on the current situation.)

When people start discussing the 2009-2010 snowstorms, the discussion almost always involves how much snow the Omaha area got. The official NWS reports range somewhat between "a whole lot" and "bunches and bunches", but most will agree that the total snowfall was somewhere in the 40-some inches, with Lincoln getting slightly less and the Norfolk (properly pronounced "nor-fork") area getting slightly more.

The big problem with all of that snow is that it eventually turns into water, and all of that water has to go somewhere. In the Omaha area, that somewhere is the Great Grey-Green Greasy Missouri River.

Unfortunately the Great Grey-Green Greasy Missouri River can only hold so much!

What the river can't carry away goes wherever it can go.

Two of the area's three casinos are based on formerly-cruising but now permanently-moored riverboats. These, of course, are on the Iowa side of the Great Grey-Green Greasy Missouri River. (All set about with fever trees?) :)

This is the north parking lot of Ameristar, as seen from the Ameristar parking structure.

Most of the north lot is underwater, and the west half of the lot can be said to be nothing other than part of the Great Grey-Green Greasy Missouri River.

Notice the walled-off storage area, used to store seats which are used for special entertainment events on the bank of the river.

Likewise, the entrance ramp which leads from the north parking lot to the side entrance to the casino is mostly submerged.

A similar scene is seen at Harrah's, upstream 1/2 mile or so from Ameristar.

Riverside parking!

The lower surface parking lot is half closed.

The waters are now encroaching upon the west entrance lobby and security checkpoint, just steps away from the entrance!

Notice that the circular drop-off and pick-up drive is closed.

Fortunately for those who enjoy gaming, the casinos, based on the boats, will follow the stage of the river and seek the same level. :)

Hey, be thankful we're not in Rhode Island! :) :(