Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Remembering the Ranch Bowl ...

It's a bowling alley! No, it's a volleyball court!

It's a pool hall! No, it's a concert hall!

It's a recording studio! No, it's a radio station!

It's a nightclub! No, it's a video arcade!

STOP! You're right! All of you! :)

Yes, it's been a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing it's never been is a big-box store. That will change, unfortunately.

This eclectic bowling alley-cum-nightspot-cum-entertainment complex will soon vanish from south 72nd. St. to make way for (said while trying to avoid regurgitation) yet another Wally World. :(

Many know it as the home of their bowling or volleyball league.

Some know it as a Friday after-work gathering spot to kick back and have a drink -- or a few drinks -- or many drinks.

Others know it as the nightspot where their first date or solo trip turned into a relationship.

Still others know it as a concert venue for local, regional, and national groups. Little Feat, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Warren Zevon just to name a few. And (not to show my true age), local icons such as The Rumbles.

Through this crumbling porte-cochere strutted the likes of John Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

Yes, the complex has hosted a recording studio. One friend says two of them at various times.

And what headbanger can forget {edit} 93.3 K-ROCK? Uh-huh, studios right here!

Wally World? That's progress? Yeah, right! :(


JP said...

Hey, don't forget 311 and GNR!

Thanks for the memories, I had a great time at the Raunch Bowl!

Anonymous said...

It's 93.3-KRROCK! Not 92!

Omababe said...

>It's 93.3-KRROCK! Not 92!

You are correct. Blonde moment, maybe?

DJM said...

Wally World? *pukes on his keyboard*

Anonymous said...

It dates me, but I remember going there when they first had live music circa 1982-83. The bands set up set up in front of a big fireplace in what was then the restaurant. A couple of years later they added a second room and had two bands on the weekends usually one local and the other touring. A lot of good local and national talent passed through those doors.

toozy said...

Hope you have email notification turned on! My memeories of the Raunch Bowl was midnight bowling leagues in the late 70's. (aside) We were just frickin' sick about the Iran hostige situation. (end aside) We would order several pitchers of beer just before 1am. Since there were about a thousand empty pitchers out and about, it was about 3 or 4 am before they collected our pitchers. Man, it has been many moons since I have been that plowed!

trish said...

The Ranch Bowl is now WallMart!

Anonymous said...

My Brother saw Nirvana there.7880 aigrout

Anonymous said...

There is a Bowling Center that I help run here in Omaha that has 10 lanes of the Original Masking Units that Covered the Pinsetters. I.C.C. Bowlatorium is where you can find those said Masking Units. The only difference is that the Ranch Bowl Logo is Covered up but you can see through the I.C.C. Bowl Logo and see the Ranch Bowl Logog