Saturday, September 29, 2007

O-Bang! double-take ...

I'm most definitely not used to shooting medium format, having shot 35mm since I was in my teens, which is more years ago than I care to admit. :) Almost all 35mm cameras can't take a double-exposure unless you really try.

Unfortunately this can't be said about many of the popular MF cameras.

When you get a double-exposure, it usually means two ruined shots. However, every once in a while, a photographer will report on, and show off a double-exposure, which actually works. I think I may have one of those here, at least it's the closest I've ever come to it. :)

I had stopped to take a few frames of one of the sculptures of the O! Public Art Project, sometimes known as O-Bang, and I shot maybe half a roll of 120 on this particular object.

I really didn't know I had double-exposed that shot until I had them developed. My first reaction was some not so nice language muttered to myself.

Then as I looked at it more and more, I realized that it did have eye appeal, to me, anyway, and may indeed be one of these cases of accidental artistry.

I posted the photo on a local chat board and received a response of: "I do love this shot though and the creativity and vision it took to pull it off!" LOL, thanks {blush}, but trust me, it was very accidental creativity and vision here. :)

My first MF photo in oh-so-many years was the obligatory self-portrait in the mirror with the new camera. Of course I overlaid it with an otherwise great shot of the mineral springs in Elmwood Park. :(

Yeah, I know, wind the {expletive} film after each shot, dum-dum! :(

I'm not really fond of that "portrait" anyway, but I've used it as an avatar on some of the photo boards, kind of like a badge of admission into the MF club. :)

Oh well, but anyway ...

O-Bang is sponsored by Alegent Health, in cooperation with the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. 22 artists from Omaha and the surrounding area participated in the project.

Several Omaha area photographers have announced plans to photograph the entire set of sculptures. I'm not one of them! :) I may or may not take on that feat. :)

Since it's not a permanent exhibit, I do plan to shoot at least a few more of the sculptures before they go bibi!

The official page for the O-Bang project (I've been told they don't really like that nickname) is on the web HERE

Oh, if you wonder where the term "Bang" comes from, it's typographers slang, a one-syllable easy-to-say name for the exclamation mark, which has been popularized in mainstream culture in recent years by computer programmers.

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