Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Carnival Court ...

Shoehorned between, almost hidden between Harrah's Las Vegas and Imperial Palace is Carnival Court.

By day it's kind of a flea market, including things like a spray paint artist.

By night it's a PARTY! :) ...

... centered around the Carnival Bar, usually a band on stage, sometimes variety acts.

One more great place to people-watch!

Now here's a guy who obviously loves his job! :)

One of the "Flair" bartenders. He puts on quite a show when preparing your drink!

... and here's a guy who obviously loves his job ... NOT!


JB said...

My wife and I stayed at Imperial Palace about 2 months ago and had a window facing this area. It was excited... seemed like a party all day and night long.

We finally we down there one night and I saw everyone had those giant blue plastic containers to drink... so I ordered "2 of those big blue things" - that'll be $50! That was pretty expensive... but it was fun.

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

So, which is it. Carnival or Carnaval?