Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Great Flood - An Epilogue ...

This is what things looked like two months ago - early August ...

... and this is what it looks like now, early October.

The Great Grey-Green Greasy Missouri River has pulled back, dropping from a height of 36 feet in July to a more or less normal stage of 19 and some feet as of this writing.

The clean-up begins ...

I believe the correct technical term for what the river left behind is "muck". Yes, it is, look it up. :) This is the ongoing effort at the Ameristar Casino to restore the north parking lots to a usable state.

Notice the high water marks on the lamp posts, indicating the crest of the flooding some weeks ago.

The clean-up of parking lots really does not show the depth of the impact to human life! Hundreds were forced from their homes by the rising and sustained water, and thousands upon thousands of lives were disrupted.

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