Monday, April 25, 2016

The absolute most awesome view in the known universe!

Well, maybe on this planet, on this continent, anyway! :) :)

This is Horseshoe Bend. It's on the Colorado River near Page, Arizona, just south of Lake Powell.

If you're visiting the Las Vegas area, it's an easy drive, assuming you like to drive that is. :)

On the map, it looks like an easy walk from the parking area to the Bend. What's not obvious from the map is the hill, the elevation you need to climb from the parking lot. It's worse coming back! You WILL get your daily exercise!

I'm glad it was cool when I shot these. I would hate to do this in the Arizona sun in the summer!


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Anonymous said...

Wasn't it hard to walk to the edge to get a good pic? I swear I thought i was going to faint, but what a view and lifetime experience. Great picture.

NickyDim (VMB)

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