Friday, January 05, 2007

About Ted ...

Ya know, I've always been curious about who Ted really is, what he's really like, etc. He may even be somebody in an office down the hall. We probably will never know for sure.

My guess is that he is male, and that he is singular. He often refers to himself in the first person plural, but nope, he's one and only one. I'm sure of it. (And no, I really don't know who he actually is.)

One thing for sure, Ted is well-known and well-read in this community. I've lost count of the times I've been in conversation and the subject of TV news comes up and somebody chimes in "... have you seen this blog?"

Some people love him, some people hate him, but one thing is for sure, many many people read what he has to say and do so, or rather did so, regularly and willingly.

>Ted was awesome! That's how I found your blog, in case you
>were wondering.

I have to admit, I enjoyed reading what he had to say. I sometimes cringed at his scathing remarks, but I almost always found him to be entertaining.

>Ted is a jerk. I don't know why your all defending him like
>you are.

Oh, I'm not defending him, and there are many times when I don't agree with him. (Hey, if we all agreed on everything, this world would be a very boring place in which to live!)

The one difference between me and Ted is that I don't have any blatantly scornful dislike of anybody who's currently on the air. (LOL, notice I said "currently".) :) Yes, some are obviously more suited for a role behind the camera, but ...

Sean will never fill Ted's shoes/boots/whatever. Sean is too well known and has too many people to answer to, such as publishers, sponsors, readers. :) :) Ted didn't have to answer to anyone!

Oh well ... :)

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