Thursday, January 04, 2007

And So It Goes ...

This afternoon while taking a break for blog-surfing, I was shocked, not really surprised, but shocked, if you can understand that, to learn that Ted Brockman has announced that he is hanging up his fangs, so to speak.

(For those of you who have no clue what I speak of, the Omaha TV News blog at

I first started reading Ted's blog well over a year ago. My first impression was that he was incredibly insensitive, and somewhat crude, which he is, and which he will probably admit. However, as if moved by an occult hand, I kept returning, and returning, and returning.

I don't always agree with Ted, but in many cases I do, and I realized that he shared some of the same thoughts and feelings I did, in that the state of Omaha TV news has countless opportunities for improvement which were, and remain to be unfulfilled. Ted had the {guts} to say what others thought, but due to such things as tact, manners, and the lack of a suitable forum, chose to keep to themselves.

Yes, I got hooked. It was one blog on my daily-visit list. Yes, I was really jonesin' when Ted took that two-month two-week vacation last Spring.

I suggested to Ted that he reconsider, or at least consider reconsidering. :) However, I have a hunch this is it. :(

Ted's closing comments were to the effect that he and his blog has made no difference, and the state of Omaha TV news is the same, or worse, than when he started. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Ted was only an annoyance to station managers and news directors, who unfortunately tend think with only their pocketbooks, and only from quarter to quarter, or in this case, sweeps to sweeps. :(

He's sure kept his audience amused! :)

I do hope that Ted will, if he does not consider reconsidering, at least turn over the keys to his weapons to somebody (NO, I AM *NOT* VOLUNTEERING!) who will carry on the tradition.

Oh well, so it goes ...


kookiejar said...

Ted was awesome! That's how I found your blog, in case you were wondering.

Anonymous said...

Ted is a jerk. I don't know why your all defending him like you are.