Sunday, July 04, 2010

A few notes ...

It's July, may the 4th. be with you! :)

Thanks again to all who visited and commented. Wow, as of this writing we're up to 137 comments on the Forgotten Cuisine article. All-time record by far, well, for me, anyway. :) Please keep those cards and letters coming, gang! :)

Of particular interest are the comments by those whose families operated some of the restaurants we've discussed. This really adds a personal touch! :)

There's another blog which I think a number of my readers will be interested in, Omaha Yum.

It's on the web at:

It's mostly recent review-type articles of various eateries. Most of them are independent and unique to Omaha. (Sigh ... yeah, one formula place is reviewed and a few more are mentioned, but ... overall ...) Doesn't appear to have any bad reviews (yet).

Recent reviews include Richie's on Center, the one whose name I could not think of when I referred to the place just east of the former Evans; Donut Haven in Millard, if it's the place I'm thinking of, it seems to be closed whenever I drive by; and Pitch Pizza in Dundee, which I must have missed (or maybe it wasn't there yet) when I did that photo walk-through not that long ago.

Anyway ... one of my projects in progress is a Part II of Forgotten Cuisine. I don't have a timetable yet, but I see you shiver with antici ... ... {say it!} PATION! :)


Anonymous said...

Trying to get access to your Forgotten Cuisine article. Not familiar with blogs! How do I get this info so that my wife can read it?

Marcs said...

Omababe: Have made several comments on Dundee, Benson, and restaurant pieces. Looking forward to restaurant piece II. I have some historical info on those restaurants, and maybe a somewhat unique perspective. How would a person make real time connect or private email connect or whatever with you?