Monday, December 06, 2010

Can we tawk?

Let's face it, dead and abandoned blogs are oh-so common, as those who frequent the Blogosphere (to use the buzzword-compliant term) can testify.

I just want to assure all of you that I do not intend to let this blog become one of them!

It's just that with work, family, various projects and such, my opportunities for shooting and my time for blogging have been close to zero the past few months. :(

I actually have three items in the works here, one of which just needs the "ok" to post a certain photo.

What I really need are a couple of clear weekend afternoons with non-sucky weather when I am otherwise free. Unfortunately this has not happened in the past few months, with "clear" and "free" appearing to be mutually-exclusive, and it's highly doubtful that it will happen until January.

I don't want to come off as teasing you, but here are a few things I do have in the works and just need to finish up ...

  1. Forgotten Cuisine II. I'm concentrating on chicken places, drive-ins and a few others and focusing on several of the places which have been mentioned in the comments on the original item.

  2. A walk-through which seems to get more extensive all the time. I have pieces of this shot, but I need to get back for at least two sessions. I'm going to cover Farnam from roughly 30th. to 40th, including, yes, the Midtown Crossing area. Now before you start rolling your eyes at the thought of yet another Midtown Crossing shoot, I plan on doing this a bit differently, using cross-processed medium format.

  3. A "Then And Now" nostalgia thing, scenes in NYC as they appeared decades ago and now.

I really wish I could give you more of an idea of when these should appear, but as of this day, I don't know, and I don't even know when I will know, if that makes any sense to you. :)

So anyway, I wish everybody a Happy Hanukkah (early this year, huh?), Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I do promise I'll have some meaningful content on line here just as soon as I am able!


Bosco55David said...

YAY! Updates! :-D

Marc Splittgerber said...


Was wondering where you had gotten to the past few months. Glad to hear your alive and still kickin'. Looking forward to the Farnum Street piece and Restaurant II. Farnum Street..........Oh yeah!!! That's what I'm talking about! Had one of my wedding receptions at the old "Bernigans". An Irish bar on about 36th and Farnum. Another such bar was Sullivans a bit west of that. Also Brother's lounge. The Embassy Club, etc etc etc. Went to my first James Bond movie at the Admiral (42nd and Farnum)in 1964. I even lived on 39th street, between Dodge and Farnum, in 1973. And worked at Mutual (didn't everybody in Omaha at one time or another?)1973 thru 1975. That whole area is one of my favorite sections of Omaha. Both now and in yesteryear. Lots of my history and my family's tied to those neighborhoods. So many different tweaks and twists. If you would like any other info, please text message to (913) 626-7860. Would love to make connect with you. May the X-mas season be special for you and your familly. Peace, Marc S.

Anonymous said...

Just red your posts on forgotten cuisine in your archives - what a treat for this former Omahan now living in Houston. Looking forward to Restaurants II....